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Whistler Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Therapeutic Massage & more

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Ailments

Based in beautiful Whistler BC. Some of the commonly treated conditions are lower back pain, infertility, headache and migraine, allergies, arthritis, insomnia and sleep problems, digestive complaints, stress, neck and shoulder pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel pain, knee and hip pain, plantar fascitis and many more


Using super fine, single use, sterilized needles, acupuncture is performed on the body at specific areas in need of pain relief and healing. Related body areas as well as acu-points with specific “functions” are used to stimulate blood flow, relaxation and healing.

Qi Gong

The art of self-healing and body maintenance, with different forms of movement, breath-work, posture and intention. Used for centuries to strengthen the body, boost immune function, heal chronic ailments and prevent dis-ease. Course dates for 2014-2015 coming soon. See contact form to be on the waiting list.

Therapeutic Massage

Tui Na, (tway Nah)is an ancient system of massage with a history dating back to 110 BC. This system of massage contains close to 100 different techniques. Tui Na is used along with the diagnostic methods of TCM, and is an alternative but equally effective treatment method to acupuncture, but using massage and the various techniques to achieve the therapeutic effect.

Cupping Therapy

The suction pressure from cupping is like a reverse massage, with the tissue lifted away from the body, stretching the fascia / connective tissue and muscles. This creates a relaxation response of the local body area, promotes blood circulation and gives pain relief.


Using the herb, Mugwort – Artemesia rolled into a moxa ‘punk’ similar to a thick incense stick, and burned to use as a therapeutic tool. The smoldering herb, held approx 1″ from the skin surface, warms and relaxes the local body area worked on, creates blood circulation and pain relief and has a relaxing effect on the body and mind.


Cranio-Sacral treatments use a gentle ``Listening`` and “traction-ing”type of touch, on various body areas to help in releasing tension, relieving pain and healing stubborn areas. Cranio-Sacral relies on the subtle and gentle touch compared to the common deep tissue and physical therapy etc, that people often seek and can help people make leaps in their healing process.
The Body is a Garden

Pay attention to nourishing it, to see it flourish.

Our Philosophy

Theory of nurturing and preventative health

A return to self responsibility and taking charge of ones own health care. This is a return to the ancient ways of health preservation, dis-ease prevention and treatment.

This is not for those looking for short cuts or magical cures, but for those in need of healing solutions, willing to undertake the disciplines of health maintenance on their journey to health and wellness.

Even from the depths of healing crises and struggle with bodily pains and challenges, a daily healing practice such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong, along with the appropriate amount of acupuncture / TCM treatments, can build  on anyone’s current level of health while nurturing and supporting the body towards achieving their optimum health.

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  • complete balancing of my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical body

    Marjie Martini,

    My first treatment from Chris changed my whole understanding and belief in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. After 8 years as his patient I still return to him again and again, for not only pain relief but also the total complete balancing of my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical body. A treatment with Chris is like no other, he is truly a gifted healer and my entire body and life benefits greatly every time I see him. I have to constantly remind myself, why do I try other techniques like massage and physiotherapy, when I can just go to Chris and get everything fixed all in one visit. It's a big statement but in my experience it is the truth.

  • amazing treatment combinations

    Kevani Macdonald,

    I've been seeing Chris for over 3 years. I love the way that he combines whatever treatments my body is needing. Cranio sacral and cupping during acupuncture – yes please! Plus he gives me homework to create my own health in between visits.

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