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Acuworks healing was created in 2005 as a way to share the healing potential of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, tui na therapeutic massage, Moxa and cupping therapy.

Chris Parsons has led an active lifestyle since his early teens, racing motocross, mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding and training martial arts. Experiencing personally the many common injuries associated with an active lifestyle, Chris knows first hand how to heal ourselves and shares this experience and wisdom with his many clients seeking a return to their sport and life.

Passionate about self healing systems, Chris has delved deeply into the strength building and health boosting techniques of the martial and healing arts of Japan and China, for the past 20 years, including living and studying in both Japan and China for a combined 3-1/2 years. Teaching and facilitating taichi and qi gong sessions and workshops regularly for community groups, educational institutions, corporations, and individuals, Chris helps his clients find their own practices to counter the stresses and physical challenges associated with the lack of movement in our modern day to day lives.

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Chris Parsons

Chris has spent the last 20 years pursuing knowledge and experience in alternative healing methods and systems. This healing journey started during his early years of training in a competitive karate club, with regular strains, sprains and injuries. Combined with a teenage hood filled with a few major health challenges, suffering from chronic headaches, serious seasonal allergies and more than a few crashes and physical injuries from racing motocross from the age of 15.

Finding conventional medical wisdom and effectiveness lacking in many ways, Chris intuitively was drawn to investigate alternative and complementary healing methods ranging from massage therapy, energy healing, herbal remedy and all forms of bodywork. These proved to be effective in recovering and providing effective pain and symptom relief proving their value in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.

Chris’s education began with self study on all subjects related to health and well being, stress relief and injury prevention – reflexology, self massage, yoga, meditation, and qi gong etc. After a few years of self study, Chris completed a B.Sc. in Health Sciences specializing in natural health. This provided a deep exposure to most alternative healing methods found within traditional cultures and passed down thru generations. These systems include; Ayurvedic medicine, TCM, western herbal medicine, energy healing and therapeutic touch, massage, faith healing and physical practices of yoga, tai chi, qi gong and more.

Following his completion of studies, Chris traveled to Japan to realize his goal of studying the healing and martial arts firsthand, and spent 3 years training, studying and experiencing the health building systems of reiki, anma and Shiatsu massage, Aikido and Karate do, as well as other martial arts.

From these experiences, Chris was able to recognize his next part if his journey and discovered that the most comprehensive healing system in existence was TCM and he and chose the path of study towards becoming and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Returning to Canada, he enrolled in the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences, and started his journey into this lifelong system of health, wellness and healing. ACOS provides a world class education in the discipline of TCM, with a study of the ancient History of TCM, Chinese language, tai chi and qi gong self health practices, acupuncture, tui na therapeutic massage, herbal formulae and diet therapy etc.

Chris strives to lead by example and use his knowledge and experience to build optimum health in his own life, and thereby help others to find their own self health methods and practices and enhance their health and wellbeing.

Chris Parsons Acuworks
If we can accept the fact that we create illness, it follows naturally that we can also create wellness. And therein lies a most empowering nugget of truth and healing.

- Liberty Forrest

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