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Self treatment methods for optimum heath, wellness and fertility

Join Qi Gong and Natural Health expert Chris Parsons, B.Sc., R.Ac., for a seminar in the health building practices of Qi Gong, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

Fertili Qi a fertility treatment program that combines ancient health building practices and extra specific methods for boosting fertility, strengthening the kidneys and calming the mind.

Learn to boost fertility, manage stress, create and access your own untapped energy and build optimum health. Through this unique program you will:

  • Learn how and why Qi Gong benefits your fertility and health.
  • Experience the remarkable power within you to shift your mind, energize your body and take control of your health in a new relationship with your body.
  • Understand your own body constitution and gain the tools to provide self treatment and maintenance in the form of the meditative movement, stillness, and breath-work practices.
  • Learn and embody unique practices of meditative movement, stillness, breath-work and dietary guidelines for your own daily practice.

Fertili Qi is the embodiment of the self treatment methods taught by Doctors of TCM, and Masters of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. By taking part in Fertili Qi, you will learn and then practice these systems, and through the combination of health practices, create a foundation of optimum health, strength and a youthful, fertile body and life.

Are you ready to nurture your body back to optimum fertility?

Fertili Qi by Chris Parsons

Learn to Boost Fertility, Manage Stress, create and access your own untapped energy and build optimum health.

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is the art of balancing and harmonizing with the energy of life. This includes self-healing and body maintenance using different forms of movement, breath-work, posture and intention.

nurture your body and mind

Fertile is your natural state

Elements of Fertili Qi

The science and art of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and Qi Gong have been used for health and wellness for thousands of years. The practices are standardized, systematic and known for their effectiveness in boosting fertility. Elements of the Fertili Qi self health, fertility boosting system include;


Meditations and martial arts form a key component of stress control, health building and self management. Studying practical skills leads to better breathing habits, improved lung function during activities and stress control using the breath, are just a few of the major benefits noticed by those who truly learn breath control and awareness. Drawing on various practices, including the martial arts, leads to a practical ability to use the breath, control respiration, and maintain a clear, mind directed life experience, leading to freedom from low energy, and many other common health complaints.

Stillness & Moving Meditation

The Qi Gong methods chosen for Fertili Qi include meditations from various styles known for their powerful and practical health and strength building seen in very short time. Easy to learn, and physically engaging, these methods are generally found to be easier to learn than many traditional sitting meditative practices. The physical components are increasingly challenging according the level of health and strength of the individual and so are applicable to any level of health, regardless of age. These qualities give almost immediate benefits to its practitioners, from stress relief to strength building, to immune boosting, the many noticeable benefits will soon be found to occur naturally.

Body Structure Theory

The study of the body structure thru the practice and maintaining of the Tai chi body principles, and eventually including these into any sport, activity or just your daily life will enhance your energy, health and ability. Creating awareness of gravity, and the centreline theory, gives one freedom from body heaviness and low energy by measurably reducing wasted energy use, found in the poor body postures and habits of most people. A healthy body and mind starts from building a foundation of efficient body posture management and subtle alignment are some of the ``secret`` practices of tai chi which allow it to be an effective self defence system, giving access to their natural body power and latent abilities.

Dietary Practices

Traditional Chinese Medicine states that before one applies herbal medicine, acupuncture or any kind of treatment, first adjust the diet. This valuable information is applicable to life today and can be easily seen in those who pursue health thru unique dietary practices, including trends such as organic foods, juicing diet and temporary fasting practices. A few of the lesser known precautions well established by the science of TCM and included in Fertili Qi include; avoiding cold and raw foods and eating locally according to the seasons, eating for your constitution and your own particular health goals, combining herbs with foods for a synergistic and powerful effect.

Find what's missing in your fertility journey

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    Benefits of Fertili Qi

    • Boost fertility
    • Manage stress
    • Balance hormones
    • Access untapped energy
    • Build optimum health
    • Balance & self healing
    • Greater strength & flexibility
    • Enhanced immune function
    • Improve mental focus
    • Cardiovascular fitness